10 Dec 2011

My journey as a postgraduate student

ahh..it's hard to find these days..
wish i could turn back the time
when I started my journey
as a postgrad student

Let me share a story
about me...
so sit still and read till end ;)

I still remembered..
the day I've graduated from undergraduate degree
back then in 2003, I start checking all the possibilities and opportunities
I my mind
there a lot of path that I could take
pursuing my study? job? get married?

For me, first, better to find a job
so the first step is..
I start to send my resume to all companies, private sector, government
but at that particularly year, job was hard to find
especially the 'permanent' one
luckily, I've got temporary position at IMR...
i love the job,
but knowing that there must be better option for me to improve my careers
...i want a permanent job and stable a one..
i don't care about the salary as long as it is a stable job
but unfortunately, mungkin tak ada rezeki... it's not easy to get job
then I remember my dream to get my PhD before my age 30...
why should i wait? i think again..
then with the support from my family,
I apply to various uni to further my study
and i've got scholar to further study at uitm
as long as scholar is there, I was really happy

Times flies... one year had past
and i manage to convert my master degree to PhD
I really thought PhD would not be as bad as I heard
but it's not...
let me tell u this:
It drives me crazy sometimes
and sometimes it give me satisfaction
but most of the time, it gave me headache
it's like a roller coaster ride..
one you are up... one you are down
and it's really thrill I bet you,
but I believe, everything would have either pro's and con's value
same as you win some or/and you loose some
Mostly not in our comfort zone

This year, after all the hard work and all the roller coaster ride,
at last...
all my works were successfully documented
on these pile of papers
I'm glad...
Being able to finish the writing part of my thesis,
then gone through the correction of my thesis by my supervisor (which is very challenging and difficult one)
and lastly submit the thesis

now I'm waiting for the viva date..
where 4-5 years work being evaluate my examiner
by only 20 minutes presentation
pffffuuhh... that was something
Maybe one or two month from now?
three to four months?

I think everything that happened had it's own reason...God knows best so that we work at our very best means..
I am really grateful...
I'm looking forward to begin new chapter of my life
hoping for the best
and preparing for the worst



Ice Rose Princess said...

all the best, dear wani!

Just^me said...

thanks lisa! you too