12 Dec 2011

Do It Yourself (DIY) wedding favor ideas

For me, a wedding ceremony should be one that we could remember
it's like trademark or something that people would recalled or something that we could shared with cucu2 later ;p (hee.. cucu pun tak ada lagi, berangan jer lebey)

"owh, wedding nenek dulu2, nenek buat bunga telur sendiri, sekarang ni susah dah nak jumpa pattern bunga yang nenek buat tu"
"once i smell roses, i remembered your arch walk way during your wed"
"pelamin sweet.. macam puteri raja gamaknya"

but personally, I think, marriage is not all about that
memory we can't buy
either we remember or we forgot
either it is a good one or a bad one
as long as we can recalled back, then it's call memory
but the most important is as long as we are happy
no use for we had grand wedding but in the end we can't afford one
so, ukur baju di badan sendiri ;)

realizing that, I want to DIY my door gift
beside, last time I did my hantaran myself
of course with help with family
Thanks to bride-2-be blogs, youtube, art blog
all those people are really helpful
I'm glad that I'm not alone doing this thing
but i haven't decide which wedding favor should i choose

for me, wedding favor that is must be edible and something people could use would be my priority

I put here some of ideas
got to make this fast
maybe i need help one of these days
be prepared sista ;p

I like candy, especially the one that are colourful ;D

My fiancee already had this for his side, so cancel la this ;p btw it's nice and sweet~~

popcorn anyone?

cotton candy reminds me early years in tadika....

hehe... many choice!
just got to choose the one that I can DIY

like i said before
my dream wedding is not a grand fairy tale story
I just dream of a nice and simple wedding
where everyone could shared the joywith us
although I know there is no such thing like 'happily ever after', i really hope that mine going to be like i wish for
at least the one that me and fiancee would remember
the good memory
and i wish to share it with family and friends

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K.I.N.A said...

hi dear..kina dah link blog kamu..goodluck DIY..lg 2 bulan lebih tu..kena cepat2 confirmkan nak bagi ape..:)