14 May 2011

Hati saya demam

I should just ignore what people said
I should do this...
I should do that....

Owh not to forget, last night I've my chest X-ray

This is the results:

The doctor wrote my medical report as this:

The patient had suffered from a major broken-heart
No fever seen but the patient do has traumatic psychological stress effects due to the pulmonary artery that connected from the patients' heart to his/her brain is not well function and need to be carefully monitor.

The doctor don't prescribe me with anything but he did tell me to "buy a ***drug prescribed together with 65% of hard works, 20% of courages, 15% of braveness a snip of a cup of coffee" at pharmacy nearby...

I did go to pharmacy but it's already sold out


with a broken heart

1 comment:

ct_cucubi said...

huhuhuuhuhu..... mungkin patut dptkan medicine dr Hospital Kerajaan... ubat pon free. :P