11 Jun 2009

Shoes that grow with the feet....

Normally, kid's foot bursting faster as they grow up.
They had to buy new shoes and this make parents have to spend more money.

So, one of US inventor invent this:

Yes, a shoes solution - shoes that grow with the feet.

The INCHworm trainers use a technology called iFit to expand up to one full size.

Well, unfortunately it is not so popular among US.

I got this from Mail Online UK

and this article was publish in 2008.

Well, I think this shoes is a great idea, but do kid wants to wear shoes until 6 month?
(sedangkan Hari Raya pun mesti tukar kasut baru)

I could say, this idea is a great idea and practical among parents, however it's does not practical to be comply if we look through children desire.
Children like something new... do they?

Unless you teach your child to save starting from beginning.


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