26 May 2009

P.H.O.B.I.A List

Phobia of Spiders- Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia

DO you suffer from phobia disorder?
Well, some of us freak out when it comes to something that they fear off.

Some weird name for phobia disorder is:

Clowns- Coulrophobia:

Lepidopterophobia- Fear of butterfly:

Eisoptrophobia- Fear of your own refection:

Decidophobia- Fear of making decisions

Agyrophobia or Dromophobia- fear of crossing streets, highways and other thoroughfare

Fear is not a factor if you have courage to confront it as a challenge right??

GO GO!!!!!!

1 comment:

Lina Chan said...

huh..!! menakutkan gamba eisoptrophobia..
trus jadi fobia sy.. haha~