29 Apr 2009

Tips for how to Make Effective and Passionate Presentation

Hey girls and guys!

My leg could not stop shivering from last night knowing that I'll presented a paper on my studies in front of top people.... My stomach start to have butterflies banging hardly just waiting to escape..so I considered my stomach will explode anytime and I hope it's not by the time I presenting.

I had this stage fright! (Pardon me, not only singers or 'akademi fantasia students' who only one who have this kind of problems)... In my head there are so many things began to pop up although I do not eat popcorn :p ... to be honest, I hate in front of many people especially to be center of all... I hate when people began to 'attack' you with many question non stop sometimes it turns up to be a unwanted drama to see. It makes me stupid. However, it's all about research and ofcourse in research, question mean people listening to what you presenting. I would link to you an article which I think it's a wake up call for all the 'students-scientist-to be' which is "the importance of stupidity in scientific research"

A few tips for me and also for sharing with all of you (This implies to all and NOT ONLY for academic area only).. you could be a executive or you could be a bussiness man or even a fresh graduate who when for an interview... Presenting is much more involve in how you interact with people in a formal way. It's not just you but all that people who listen...

1.Believe in the importance of your subject.
It's all start from inside. You, yourself must believe in what are you going to delivered. Is it important? Is yes, speak with confident and show how important your work is so that listeners twill understand and "get it." If you don't feel that way, stop now -- you'll never convince anyone...

Realize that the facts don't always speak for themselves.
Don't scrumble with your slide presentation with all the informations. Make it nice and simple. Not too many words.... this is it's all about. If the information can speak for themselves, might as well you don't need to present and just email the information to all.
Explain to listeners why this information is so important to you, and more importantly, explain why it is so important for them. Use a phrase such as "The reason this is so important is..." and one more thing, just use suitable voice and not 'high pitch voice' that could irritate others (well sometimes I, myself didn't realizes it also had happened to me as it's the situation is tense and it effect my tone of voice from 'tweety bird' to soprano singer! hahaha)

Don't stand up static. Motion equals emotions and it;s hard to feel compelled when listening to monotone speaker who never moves.
Use simple and suitable body gesture and some purposeful body movements

well it's all for now! Now I want to practice my presentation! I'm scare to death!
I'll be dead meat by Saturday!