8 Apr 2009

Sushi di Sushi King ada 'mirin'- Sah tak halal!!!

I'm not the kind of people who ignore HALAL sign but sometimesI also eat at a muslim restaurant who does not have halal sign especially at small stall (warung2 kecil) IF I am really SURE that it's a muslim stall (not just cashier but the cook is a muslim also)

So, I thought sushi is HALAL since it's only seafood and rice based food. But sad to say I am WRONG in this case. It's my responsible as a Muslim to tell this to other Muslim what I know. Some said that they put 0.01% of alcohol in the sushi rice (that's not true..
sushi rice is mix with sushi vinegar i.e. Cuka (in BM) not Wine)

This is my email to Sushi King:

My enquiry :
Is Sushi king Halal? It doesn't mean NO PORK is HALAL. I'm the BIG fan of sushi king and people out there keep questioning the halal certificate from JAKIM. So right now I'm not intended to go to sushi king as people said it is non-halal.
One more question, does Sushi King uses any alcoholic substances in preparation of sushi or any other food at sushi king?
Just asking since there have been rumors about sushi rice had 0.01% alcohol to make it last longer.
Please confirm back as soon as possible. Thank you

They reply to me:

Dear Invisible third eye,

Thank you for your email.

For your information, we are not a Halal restaurant as we do not have certification from JAKIM, but we only can claim us as Pork free.

All our meat based products like chicken and beef are Halal Certified and we do not use any pork or pork derivatives in our restaurant.

Some of our food contains 'Mirin' (hah? wtf!)
Mirin is derived from fermentation of rice and it is commonly used in Japanese cooking to enhance the taste of food.

Following are products that contain Mirin:
1. Unagi Kabayaki
2. Unagi Slice
3. Karei Nitsuke
4. Saba Misoni
5. Mamakari
6. Ikura

Our sushi rice is mix with sushi vinegar i.e. Cuka (in BM) not Wine.

Hope this answers your query.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,
Marilyn Lim
Marketing Department
Sushi Kin Sdn. Bhd.


I want to add information:(Mirin to get the rice to stick- It is a kind of rice wine similar to sake, but with a lower alcohol content from wikipedia) Mirin is also used in teriyaki sauce. It's NOT HALAL for muslim!


Rice wine refers to a sweet, golden wine derived from fermenting freshly steamed glutinous rice. The most well-known Japanese rice wines are sake and mirin. Though most rice wines are low in alcohol, they are categorised alongside alcoholic beverages, hence unsuitable for Muslim consumption (non-Halal).

SO it's up to you to choose. I just realizes how important we have to equip ourselves with knowledge because it's a huge responsibilities to us as a Muslim to find HALAL food or product.

From now on, I'll try to find HALAL sushi, any suggestion you all? alah kalau tak makan sushi bukannya masalah besar kan? wink2.

Ya Allah ampunilah dosa2 ku di atas kelekaan ku

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nia salina said...

walaupun occasionally minum alkohol tapi takpenah minat sushi.its a gooq info tho.ramai fren i ska sushiking.i oso duno dis

DreamCatcher said...

oh, no!

Invisible^third^eye said...

iyer la mana nak sangka sushi pun tak halal...
walaupun bukan semua sushi tu ada mirin tapi sos dia pun rasanya ada mirin. jadi untuk mengelakkan syak, silalah hindari perkara2 yang boleh menimbulkan ragu2.

Zala Wajik said...

Jangan makan sushi!

Zala Wajik said...

eh terlupa nak letak tadi..

saya ambil sikit maklumat dari entry ni masuk ke dalam blog saya =)


credit is always there

n00b3r said...

So.... even if email kata "some"... it still means all the sushi? :( Haihs....

hanya wanita biasa said...

Dear noob3r,
memang la die kata 'some' tapi kalau dah campur2 macam tu bleh menyebabkan ragu2 plak kita nak makan... jadi baik dielakkan...tapi terpulang lah pada masing2