29 Apr 2009

hairstyles for round face

Well people, personally I believe that every women wants to feel sexy and pretty.
Although some may denied it but deep down inside you must be hiding this intention to be beautiful. Well, I think it doesn't mean you dress sexy or physically 'cun' but more importance is to choose the right style... Yeah.. I know that I'm not pro- in advising people especially when it comes to make up or style thingy... but I like to share; regardlesss tips, product and so on.

To me, it's not necessary to have beautiful body or beautiful face to be beautiful..
The important thing is you choose the right style and suit your personality.
I believe that everyone had their own beauty... Everybody is beautiful...
however, living in this cruel world, some people make up guidelines criteria about classification or gred of beauty that sometimes I feel it's stupid and ridiculous... like "ayam serama" contest... they judge the winner based on it's physically shape. what a shame when beauty pegion also based on beautiful looks and body (the Q's session is just to covered their hiden agenda, don't you think so? When a girl wins, she would be labelled as -beauty with brain)
Ok back to the MAIN topic...

Here is some of hairstyle which I believe it's suitable for round face! :)
Well, people who had round face (like me) always have trouble when searching for the right hairstyle... In my heart, as long as the chubbier face can be covered with hair to its maximum limit, I'll be satisfied..hahaha!

Gorgeous aren't they?
of course la they look gorgeous because they are celebrity (with makeup)
everyone can be like them! believe me...

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