14 Mar 2009

women's world is pink!

Let say if this world, women were in charge:

1. There will be a lot of shoes... shoes...shoes...and MORE SHOES!!!

2. A beautiful bowling lane... decorate with flowers and curtain and pink lane!!!

3. First footstep on the moon: Is it a stiletto?

4. Pink covered all politics' world

5. A special map for women~

Well all above is a joke but after a deep thinking I think it's a common scene which is happens around us. But despite all those stereotype judgment men towards women like (clumsy in driving, love pretty, sweet things and pinky stuff, prefer something details, fussy and all you can named it),
women are unique creatures (we are unique...and 'comel' too!) create by god to accompany men in this world & to be love.

Without we, as a women, your world is incomplete, I'm I right men?

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