6 Mar 2009

Top 15 fathers by AOL’s list of Hollywood’s

Check out to see who else made the cut:

1. Brad Pitt


Photo with his (Miss-not-ever-want-to-be-wife or should I say afraid of marriage maybe?) Angelina Jolie and four of their 'children'- three of them were adopted.

2. David Beckham (footballer who had very high taste of wife...he need to work for the rest of his life to support her wife expenditures)
3. Johnny Depp
4. Will Smith
5. Matt Damon
6. Ryan Phillippe
7. Ben Affleck
8. Joel Madden
9. Seal
10. Patrick Dempsey
11. Barack Obama (MR President)
12. Gavin Rossdale
13. Tom Cruise (Fussy)
14. Tobey Maguire
15. Mark Consuelos

Mmmmm....do you agree with this list? Well, it's AOL results though.. I'm not sure what criteria do they used . Maybe it's should be "top 15 famous fathers list" ..the word FAMOUS I say should be accompanied by "fancy-want-to-be" wife right?

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