8 Mar 2009

Suri Vs Shiloh- Paparazi's little princess

I have to admit that they do look as a normal kid but living in an abnormal environment. What will happened to them? Just pity them though...

Below is TMZ surveys and just look at the total of votes!! Wow it's amazing how this two kids can attract world attention.....maybe it's because tv, magazines, internet (including me who blog about 'em.. hehehe) LOL:

and I've just putting here shiloh Jolie-Pitt photo as I think, Shiloh is my fav and very cute! Or should I say the 'munchies"?(because paparazi always caught her while she's munching cookies!)

I'm blogging about Shiloh because I think she's such an adorable child that's all. There's no other reason. and moreover I like babies! Maybe talking about cute babies just make my day today as I'm incredibly tired and need something happy to think about, so baby is one of happiest thing that I could ever think of (at least for now). :)

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