9 Mar 2009

New Girly stuff~~~

Hi all,
I'll like to introduce fun website where you can create your own wardrobe! yiiihaaaa!
Just free register and sign in to Polyvore. You also can look others user account also....

It's fun website which you can play pick and match items (it's real items plus it's branded). So you don't have to wandering around at the supermarket too long in order to look for items which capture your heart. Just click the items according to their classification (i.e. shoes, accessories, jacket bla bla)...

Ok I choose pink colour as I want to suit with the theme which is "pink is fun"..hahaha...
So all this items where in pink colour except for the bag which is black to give contrast effect. If not my wardrobe will look like pink panter! :p

want to try?>

Polyvore style!

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