14 Feb 2009

Tell it to YOUR diary

It's fun to blog BUT sometimes I noticed that bloggers tend to blog 'things' that suitable only in their own diary..not the blog diary BUT just a normal diary.

Just giving my thoughts maybe I'm wrong but certainly these "things-in-diary-only" is what people like to read.. the sensational part which attract people, but personally I still think it's not proper to 'mengaibkan' or 'cerita dalam kelambu mambu' in blog. maybe you can personalised it to only limited to your circle of friends only.

I try not to be emotional when I writting blog as I am awared and concerns about other people feelings also.

But it's up to you to write. There's no rules in writting. Some people not aware of this little tiny miny things. They do what ever they like without thinking the consequences of it.

Just my personally opinon though...

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