13 Feb 2009

Talking in Sleep

Arghhhh! I have sleeping disorder lately. It's hard for me to sleep and take rest at night. My brain become more and more actives at night (everybody sleeps BUT I can't). Usually I read books, but the attempt failed. Instead, I have more things to think of. And the worst thing --> I have sleep talking problems sometimes

Some facts about sleep talking:

Sleep talking is the utterance of speech or sounds during sleep without awareness of the event also known as
Somniloquy. It is not an uncommon problem, especially in children and likely to occur in about half of all children and in about 5 % of adults.

I want to sleep!!! with peace mind and free soul but it seems like someone have been chasing over me until I feel breathless and suffocate with limited oxygen.

Please don't disturb me anymore. I just need to rest.........

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