11 Feb 2009

Review - Benjamin Button 2009

"Life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments"

When the very first time I see the tagline of this movie it makes me curious to know the rest of the story. From what people been telling me, it's an unique and wonderful story~
(So I bought a pirate VCD at pasar malam tau...shhhh!)

Back to the root of the story:
This is a story about a man named Benjamin Button, he is not born as an ordinary man, but he came to this world under an unique circumstances--> as a 80 years old man.

The story began on the day that Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. In the hospital there lying helplessly elderly Daisy Williams who is dying accompanied by her daughter, Caroline. Early of this movie narrated from Benjamin's diary about how his life started.

Born with wrinkle face and degraded features as an old man, his father can't accept it as he is also so deeply upset with his wife death after giving birth to Benjamin. So, he throw him away at seniors home (rumah kebajikan orang2 tua). He had been taken care by Queenie, a black woman and caregiver at a seniors home.
He never feel abandoned as he was surrounding with an elderly people.
He had a normal life as an old people like any other people at seniors home. People speculate that he will never live long but sooner later, Benjamin reliased that he age backwards -getting younger and younger everyday, as he watches those around him growing older..
Finally he became a father to a lovely daughter with his true love whom he meets when she is just a little girl and he is an old man, Daisy charming with her blue eyes.

Although they have separated through the years, Daisy and Benjamin remain in contact throughout their lives, reconnecting in their forties when in age they finally match up. His sad story began when he had to sacrifice by letting go his love and also his daughter as he realized that he ain't like any of normal people. His daughter need a 'normal' father to grow old with and not a father that age reversely.

And finally, at the end of the story, his become younger and at last he died as an adorable baby on Daisy lap.


As for me, this is an unique story. Although you will not find any boombastic sound effects nor any others 3D animation, but this movie can deeply touch your heart. Although this movie has just an ordinary plot BUT with an uniquely way of narration. Imagine the situations when you were born as an older person.... and later you fall in love but finally you have to let it go....

and how difficult to live as a normal people when you were not (in this case its Benjamin).... Benjamin Button seems so lonely as he had been living as an old people at his early age although he has a desire of a young person. However his love life is never empty. He fell in love as normal people do but the difference is just he grows younger day by day.

So, if this movies happens to be true, I'm sure Benjamin Button will be rejected by most of the women (especially in Malaysia). Tell me who will marry a man that grow younger day by day?
ada chance kene madu nnt! hehehe...

This movies brings you to feel yourself as benjamin button. The feelings is so real as you can almost cry in tears (well for me lah). As you follow along the story, you grow up with Benjamin. Plus, you will find youself turn younger with Benjamin Button (itu yang penting! XOXO)
Again, this movie is just like you went on future machine where you explore a journey of Benjamin's life.

The moral of the story, all around us has a significant effect in our life. Even though time is precious but we should measured it by moments~it's true along our way, we will feel sad, happy, anxious, curious; we will met people from different background, we laugh, we fight, we jump. But it's all back to square as we will leave this world someday to met Him (ALLAH maha Esa). So, renung2 kanlah dan selamat beramal! :)

p/s: hargailah orang2 disekeliling anda, yg menyayangi anda dan memberikan satu memori dalam hidup anda. Hidup umpama tempat persinggahan sementara....

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