14 Feb 2009

Kuasa pelukan Ibu

A Hug is Mom's Best Reward -- who can denied that.

*gambar ini adalah hiasan semata2~

Remember I've write about my sleeping disorder? It's a very difficult moments. At first I want to keep it to myself as I think it's only a small thing but lately, I always come late to work and it's effected perception other people towards me (minah lambat datang kejer- xoxo).

At last, I talked to my mother (panjang lebar dan penuh syahdu) and eventually, she said nothing...Yup...NOTHING AT ALL. She just hug me tightly (maybe my body language desparately ask for hug) and after a while she said "wanie kene kuat". The warmth and smell of motherhood just ease me up. And tears just come out like that. What a realived therapy. Now I am back on track and refreshen up. Maybe a few series incident happeneds (which I sure that nobody aware and I don't want to talk to anybody about it) that makes me kind of thinking a lot and sadly, I CAN'T STOP thinking about it.

The ideal and accurate words to describe my mother advised is "TOLERATE" and "PATIENTS". That's the key of success.

Now I can sleep well and even better than before and believed it or not "kuasa pelukan ibu adalah yang paling kuat di dunia"

Terima kasih Mama!

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