22 Feb 2009

Wavy's hairstyle

Here are some ideas to give volume to your hair ladies!
Wavy hair will give you problem if you don't find the right style, if not you hair will look like afro a-go-go look :

Compared to straight hairstyle, they can do anything to it without any concerns parameters as no matter how you cut it, it still looks straight and gorgeous.
But for those who have wavy hair, personally I think, layer hairstyle will totally gives significant new and fresh look~

Aishwarya Rai stunning looks~~ She has thick and healthy hair, owhhh she's sooo beautiful~~

Eva Longoria Parker wavy long hairstyle make her look innocent type of lady!

marcia cross wavy hairstyle makes she looks younger

Here is my favourite~ Ashley Benson's Hairstyles make her hair looks more volume, suitable for her thin hair.

Want a new look for you hairstyles>? you can go to:
where they have a huge range of celebrity hairstyles (for those who want glamorous look)

Owh I'll think I will do another entry for tudung styles but there's not enough sources to dig into.
Maybe later I will blog about it (hey, I'm not a fashionable-freek-type but I loves simple and easy to dress look.)

Maybe you all have any suggestion any website where I can find more information of muslimah or malaysian type of fashion? Thank you :)

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