11 Jan 2009

What I want to eat now......

I really do loves 'TAKOYAKI'. It's a traditional Japanese food. And please don't mistaken it as 'dorayaki' -->the doraemon food..

Little balls of fried batter wrapped around boiled octopus, adorned with tempura scraps, pickled ginger, green onion, and then topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver (aonori), mayonnaise, and katsuobushi (fish flakes).

The taste is unique and I like the way they cook. So amazing how 'batter mixture' will turn into a round shape after it cook it! (you can search in youtube how they make takoyaki for mor information)

Some of history facts about this food:

Actually Takoyaki is one of issen-yoshoku which roughly translates to "one-penny Western food" where many people turned to the cheap commodities of flour and water (batter) to satisfy their hunger due to food shortages during earthquake in 1923 and World War II in Japan.

Today, although most of Japanese people are rich, but batter-based dishes is not abandoned. Hence it's a popular street food that easily found most anywhere in Osaka which is a famous place to seek for delicious takoyaki. No wonder that's why Takoyaki indirectly known as icon of Osaka, Japan!

(monolog: Malaysian also have to conserved traditional food instead of buying and supporting fast food, kan?)

Back to the story, in Malaysia, I know only one place which is Tako stall at MidValley, Bangsar. Near to jusco market.

Takoyaki best eaten hot BUT not too hot..Beware cause this tiny balls can bite your tounge (burn sensation) before you even swallow it if you eat directly after it cook <---takoyaki retains high temperatures so bite with care.

You can refer to this tutorial for the recipe.

and here is step by step picture- simplify version of how to make takoyaki (copy this picture from Mrs Biggie in her blog called 'Lunch in a box' :


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