18 Jan 2009

Tick Tack Toe~ I've got Tagg !!

Thanks to miss Fazleeno and Lisa (Yup, dengan bangganya aku di tagg oleh 2 org ni) for this tagging game!

Sebenarnya dh lama di tagg tapi ade jer mahkluk2 tuhan yg mengacau setiap kali saye bersemangat nk selesaikan tagg nih 0_0

Neway, here it goes babeh:

Answer this bunch of question based on the opposite gender. no family members is allowed

What is the relationship of you and him?
He's my homely + warmly love one

Your 5 impressions towards him
1. Honesty makes him funny sometimes
2. Understanding with my unpredictable thingy
3. A family type of person
4. Mood swings like women (Gemini type of person)
5. have a "good boy" first impression

The most memorable things he had done for you
well a lot actually... emm.... I think the most that I could remember that he is always try so hard to get anything that I want.. even it's not necessary.. Most recently, I remember that last year is 'Sushi King" offers where everything is RM2/plate and we went to Midvalley after working hours. GUESS what? people Q so long till we don't have any clue when it will end. My face turn sooo upset and he looks worried as I am upset. After that, he decided to make a U-turn to sushi king at Kelana Jaya, Giant Hypermarket, because usually only a few people go there. At that time, I was thinking to just go home and sleep because it's already 9pm and sushi King close at 10 pm! but due to his patients, we manage to dine in at last although we have to Q but it was not as bad in Midvalley branch. I am so amaze how he's so worried about small things about me, that's is so sweet!

The most memorable things he have said to you
"I er....due to short memory loss, I couldnt answer this question" (I wount tell you people :p)...next Q!

If he becomes your enemy, you will...

Just avoid to have any connection with him and make like he's not exist in this world.

If he becomes your enemy, the reason is...


The most desirable thing to do on him is...
Can I read his mind?

The overall impression of him?

He is just so perfect to be my soulmate! (InsyaAllah~)

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
I don't know because I can read mind but to tell you the truth, I think they think me as a walking chatter box and an easy target to get latest new gossips...Am I like E channel or something?

The character of you for yourself is...
Everything I do I will never beyond my principles and I am protecting type of person. I will protect anything that I love especially the confidential "don't tell people secrets".

The character you hate of yourself is...

Trying so hard to make people happy and sometimes I neglect my own feelings

The most ideal person that you want to be is...

Able to contribute something this society

For the people who care about and like you, say something about them

I do love and care about you but please DO take care my heart because it's fragile and it's not made from steel. TQ

10 people to tag

(i can't tag fazleen and lisa cause they sent me this)

1. Epol
4. Wan
5. Rena
6. shazana
7. n/a
8. n/a
9. n/a
10. n/a

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?

-can't tell- ask her yourself

Is no. 3 a male or a female?
female who love spongebob! :p

What is no. 1 studying about?
I don't know. what i know is he is a student who have a cute blog!

Is no. 4 single?

yup. my brother yg baru frust berchenta

Who is no. 5?
My crazy sister

Say something about no. 6?

she's my best friend on this earth!!!

The Q's is only ended at No. 6 only.... SO luckily I have answer all of it!!! Yeay!!

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epol said...

haha..i'm da 1st :p