26 Jan 2009

Tagging games lagi

*put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Realplayer etc. on shuffle.
*for each question, press the next button to get your answer.
*you must write that song name down NO MATTER HOW SILLY it sounds.
*put any comments in brackets after the song name.
*for best result,put in various song from various singer at least 50 songs

1. if someone says, "Will u marry me..." u say?
*What goes around comes around- Justin Timberlake
(ayat ugutan jer--hehe)

2. how would u describe urself?
*Menjelma- Kaer Azmi AF5
-(macam biskut or fairy kejap2 muncul)

3. what do u like in a girl / boy?
*Cinta Sempurna - Kangen Band
-awwwwww, I love! :)

4. how do u feel today?
*Cinta Hello Kitty - Karen

5. what is ur life's purpose?
*Na na na nada cinta - Karen
-macam2 ada

6. what is ur motto?
*Your everything - Keith Urban
- Jiwang siot

7. what do ur friends think of u?
*You all I need - Kelly Clarkson
-Of course la they need me! :p

8. what do u think of ur parents?
*Mengenangmu- Kerispatih
-I like this song though

9. what do u think about very often?

*Mirai e (to the future)- Kiroro
-ini kebetulan ker aper? hehe

10. what is some good advice for me?
*Mahaguru - KRU
- teringat kpd supervisorku~

11. what do u think of ur best fren?
*Ucapkanlah - Yusri KRU & Erra Fazira
- ohh tidak.... I'm straight ok

12. what do u think of the person u like?
*Ohh la la - KRU
-wow! So true

13. what is ur life story?
*Unwritten - Natasha Beddingfield
- I love this...

14. what do u want to be when u grow up?
*Khidmat negara theme song
- sorry la lagu ni mmg ada dlm playlist aku...tersesat mcm mana tah (%^&*^%%$#*)

15. what do u think of when u see the person u like?
* Destinasi Cinta- Siti Nurhaliza
- Wah so true!

16. what will u dance at ur wedding?
*Separuh masa - The Lima (indon band)
-Kelakar tak?

17. what will they play at ur funeral?
*what I've done - minutes to midnight, Linkin Park
- tak mau la nyanyi2 time funeral! org Islam mane ade mcm nih..tp jwb jer laa Labi...

18. what is ur hobby / interest?

*Control myself - LL Cold J feat. Jennifer Lopez

19. what is ur biggest fear?
*Macarena- Los Del Rio
-Lagu best utk menari!!!

20. what is ur biggest secret?

*take a walk on the wild side- Lou Reed
- Wohooooo.... Ganasnye playlist aku nih

21. what do u think of ur friends?
*Our song -M2M
-nasib baik our song....hahaha

22. what did u do last night?
*I wanna be with you - Mandy Moore
-ish ish..apesal playlist aku nih mcm menjawab soklan2 tagg nih? ajaib tul

23. how would u describe ur mom?

*Everytime -Baby Face feat. Mariah Carey
- I love you mama!!!!!!!!

24. what do people assume when then first look at me?
*Big girl dont cry - Fergie
- alahai.....

25. will I have a happy life?
*Tercipta untukku -Ungu
- mestilah!
I will not tagging anybody.but feel free to do this. tQ


Ice Rose Princess said...

my favorite answer is to the question what you want to be when u grow up? hahaha, mmg patriotik! :D

Invisible^third^eye said...

hahaha...nk buat mcm mane. Dh mmg ada dlm playlist. Lupa nk delete...neway, kelakar giler time buat game nih. try la sure u get unexpected results!! :D