11 Jan 2009

Preventing fruit from browning

Colour changes in our food to brown especially if you live it exposes to air make your food feel not fresh anymore..You just name it..example

fruits : apricots, pears, bananas, grapes


vegetables: potatoes, mushrooms, lettuce,


even seafood: shrimps, spiny lobsters and crabs


All of this is just naturally happens because in living organism,there are a lot of funtional enzymes to regulates the metabolism of the living things. So, due oxidative process @ chemical reaction, our food change colour.


1. Putting the cut fruit into water with any foods that contains vitamin C, which slows the enzymes that cause browning. Options include lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, cream of tartar, or even a crushed vitamin C tablet dissolved in water.

2. Another solutions is lowering of the pH to 4.0 by the addition of citric, ascorbic or other acids inhibits the enzyme activity. You can sprinkled lemon juice or vinegar on the fruit to prevent it from browning.

Vitamin C or any antioxidants can prevent or slower the browning effects of our food. Imagine If we eat foods that contain high vitamin C. Definitely we looks younger... :)

p/s: No need to read books just eat fruit!!!>>>>>

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good tips..yeahh :)