3 Jan 2009

New year-New person-New Me!!!

Hi my deary blog, today, I'm going to write down my resolution new year 2009.
Actually some of it was carry over from 2008 resolution (hehe..)

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1. I want to shred a few kg's. I'm not intended to be 'Miss-anorexia' but to be 'Miss-healthy&happy'. I'm happy with what I am now but lately due to lack of exercise and being in comfort zone, I've gain a few kg's. So I will exercise with regular food intake. Hell NO I will controlling my food intake! ( It make me DEPRESSED..I need food as form of my mood controlling). I think my everyday food intake it's fine and healthy just I need to exercise more.
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2. I want to be happy and make my family happy too. Actually, it's not every year resolution but my everyday prayer. Of course everyone want to be happy right?

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3. I hope this 2009, our love (me+ Mr I) will grow stronger than ever!

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4. Hopefully I've finished my study soon..er..this end of 2009...maybe? pleassee god help me!

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5. No financial problem anymore since I need to spend wisely from now on...No more goodies2 or candies or unaffordable thingy..I want to save money for my future...er...save money for a a house, a car....a husband?? hehehe

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6. So 'gambate'!!! The war is just begin. Fight for you life!!!!!

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Wanie,blog kamu sungguh comeyyy!!!