14 Dec 2008

Wedding Fever~

Congratulations to newly wed Jasmin and her husband Razis!!!

Yeaaa! one of our friends had married! Well she's the first among our 8th college gang while in Uni Malaya (six of us- me, farah, intan, zela, wati,jasmin) who married at last! that leave us only FIVE which available and single bebeh!

that reminds me the song

" one little two little three little girls~ four little five little six little girls~ One got married, FIVE little girls now~"

Well the wedding is at Kg. Air Leleh, Melaka. It took 2 hours bus from Shah Alam to get there..whuff..what a great day!

Feast your eyes with the photo!

Min wore Menora dress (ala-ala mek kelate-Thai) in the morning..she look gorgeous isn't she?

After that, she change to this beautiful dress.... a bronze colour gives extraordinary radiant to the bride!

The third time is the western dress..well she reminds me to the Latin telenovela... red roses ala2 rosalinda amour~

Ok now we move on on overall of the 'bersanding' ceremony...
Three of us (from left- intan, wati and me) waiting for the groom to come!

Here groom comes! Auww~~

Bride and Bridesmaid walking to house

Groom with groomsmen before entering the Bride's house, they need to pay tol first! :)

...and before he can meet with his bride, he needs to pay tol to bridesmaid too! hehe..

Candid shots where the groom and brides looking dearly to each other! hoho!


The cake was yummy tho~

FIVE of us with the bride and the groom~~

Horey!!!! After 2 years graduated from Uni Malaya, at last we met again in this happy day... Thanks to Jasmin's family for the kenduri food.. We really do enjoy it. I hope we can meet again!

Upcoming evets:

Zela and her fiancee will be marry Mac next year!!

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