11 Dec 2008

Horrayyy for "Twilight " ~ Love, Desire and Fear 2008

wahh so long I've not updated my movie review....too much load of work..well, last 2 weeks, I went to watch movie at Sunway Pyramid with friends. Before that, we have difficult time to choose between two movies which is "Twilight" and "Guard Post". Of course we can't watch two movies at same time.... BTW, I prefer movie that don't involve too much of blood as Guard Post. However, seeing the movie trailer about Guard Post (in youtube), it make me stune for awhile...the zombie and blood scattered almost everywhere and the 'Ewww..' part is when everybody get insane to kill each other.. It was damn totally scared real ones! but at last, based on good review that I've 'google' on the internet, we decided to choose "twilight" as it is more relax than 'Guard Post'. Maybe next time "guard post" will be our target tho..

"Twilight" is a "romantic-unimaginable & breathtaking" movie where it was based on a book by Stephenie Meyer. This movies is about a girl named "Bella" a girl falls for Edward Cullen who happens to be a Vampire. At first, I thought this is just another common, typicall love stories but watching the movie, it's not like what I am thinking about. This movies have a strong plot story and can touch deep into audiences heart. Although it's just simple based love story - a girl fall in love with vampire BUT overall of the story explore the imagination world. Bravo to Catherine Hardwicke for directing this movie so real and interesting.

Bella who transfered to Fork ( a small town in Washington) to stay with her father after her mother remarries. As a 17 teenager, she's just an ordinary college girl who befriended with many friends. Here, she met with Edward who always walked with his mysterious siblings group, Cullen family. Well the camera always focusing on Edward's (Robert Pattinson) eye. wow! just amazing how his eye can change colour (at least in that movie). And although Edward Cullen look pale but he surely look good as a vampire!

Bella become more closer to Edward especially since Edward is sitting beside her in Biology class. Edward Cullen have powerful strength and also can read mind (except Bella)- I wonder why but maybe Bella mind was too complicated (women always do..hehe). His extraordinary power was spotted by Bella when he saving her lives from being hit by a reckless college student who happens to be Bella friend. Edward just stop the vehicles with his bare one hands. From there, Bella keep on investigate for the truth about Edward since he just too secretive and suspicious.

When Bella found out Edward is Vampire, it was so romantic how Edward told her the truth:

Bella, "you know what you are, your Impossibly Fast and Strong, Your Skin Is White Pale and Ice Cold, Your Eyes Change Color and Sometimes You Speak like Your from a Different Time, You Never Even Drink Anything, and You Never Go Out in Sun Light is the best"
Edward, "Say it outloud"
Bella, "Vampire!"
Edward "Are you afraid?"
Bella, "No!"
and then there they go where Edward carries Bella on his back and climbing from tree to tree by hands! (auuww so romantic lar this scene)

Edward and his family is different from other vampire since their only drink blood from animal as replacement of human blood (vege-tarian vampire? or anima-tarian?). However, vampire is always a vampire as later, Edward was craving for Bella blood. His strength and love stopping him from killing Bella for her blood.

Edward, "Your scent is like a drug to me"
Edward, " Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin"

As he is in dilemma from protecting Bella from himself, Bella as the other way round keep on holding still as she is more afraid of loosing Edward than worrying about herself.

but at last, Edward surrender as he can't leave Bella:
Edward, " I'm tired of staying away from you, Bella. I don't have the strength to stay away from you, and there was no more reason for anything"

At last, two of them were totally in love and decided to declare their special relationship. Everybody shock especially Edward Cullen siblings.
So as the feelings grows stronger, Edward brings Bella to met with his family. Well, this movies shows that everyone from Cullen family are vampire. Although awkward at the very first place, Bella however easily love and accepted by Cullen family. (I think just because she's cute that's why she's easily get friends in her new college and also can easily mingles with Cullen family~ hoho!)

Cullen Family- Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie

Bella's life is in danger when a group of human blood eating vampire, 'James, Victoria and Laurent' came to Fork. Well, at last, Edward Cullen and his family fight and manage to kill James, however, Victoria escape and Bella was safe. At the end, Bella told Edward that she want to stay forever with him by becoming a vampire too (external love she said) but Edward refuses to let it be... for the ending, you must watch it..I think there would be a sequel after this as Victoria want to take revenge for killing his mate, James.

Well..i think this movie is a very touching and romantic movie....and after watching it, I began to fall in love with Edward as he is very protective to Bella. Wow!! you should watch this movie! I think it is more interesting than Bond 2008...
Tak percaya? tengok la sendirik...

I gave 5 stars:

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