13 Dec 2008

Prosperity McD Burger is Back!~~

Hey guys and girls! Prosperity burger is back this year! You can either choose double or single burger (double= extra calories!). Yeah I know that Mc D is not a healthy diet life style but what the heck~ 'sekali-sekala' would not do any harm right? heee :p
I had lunch at McD~ Large set of prosperity beef burger with my lab mates! yum2... These sets including prosperity burger, curly fries and a carbonate drinks. I was shocked since the prosperity burger 'naik harga' but only give me a carbonate drink~ I prefer orange fizzy drink like previous year!!! Why McD so kedekut meh!
BTW, we've enjoyed our lunch very much! Eating prosperity beef burger with black pepper sauce makes me feel so blessed and full. Alhamdulillah, syukran!

Prosperity burger set

Curly fries

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