26 Dec 2008

Money Can't Buy Happiness~

Well I came across US magazine, Star. Well, they did highlight about Tom and Katie's child, SURI~ so cute this child huh? Unfortunately her life is not as fortunate as other children.

Here are the pieces from the article:

Under the headline 'Inside Suri's Lonely Life', it's claimed that little Suri "only interacts with her parents" and "is rarely around children her own age" because "Tom's very picky about other people's kids."

Suri uses baby talk to tell her "friends" the things she dreams about: A little sister and a pet.

Apparently Suri went to the Build-A-Bear store with her dad, after hours, and the magazine offers extensive analysis of the stuffed animals she picked out: Bunny Big Ears, a stuffed beagle, a monkey, and a bear. A source says,

"Katie is willing to get Suri a dog or cat, but Tom isn't. He doesn't want pet hair on their nice furniture, or a dog or a cat jumping up on Suri's nice designer dresses."

Yeah right, Tom might have a lot of money but do money can make his daughter happy?

So, money can't buy happiness dude!

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