26 Dec 2008

Creatives ways to proposed...

I found this in this internet while 'googling' (google)
for my laptop wallpaper.

So there are many creative ways these day to proposed.
You just online and order.

naper? tak percaya?

1. You can personalised msg "will you marry me" on a roses (click here -> rosesbydesign) quite interesting, moreover it's free shipping! and you can also print you pic on the roses!


2. Romantic dinner using this candle? huhu :p


3. This white chocolate ala2 cinderella shoe desert called ('will-you-marry-me-dessert'). BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND if you want to put the ring inside the dessert (mcm cerita Full House -korea)...tercekik karang parah~

4. 'Will you marry me?' sign set- you can order BUT it's only if you at Iowa. You can order via online through gift-for-valentines website (quite impressive since they have this idea huh?)


There are also creative ways to divorce such as this cartoon:


ketawa ayu gitu~

Happy holiday & Selamat menyambut Awal muharam~~

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