29 Dec 2008

Book review- Resipi 30 minit Chef Kamarul

Last Sunday I went to Time Square to watch movie--> The Spirit.... (how boring it is! I want to write a review about it but after seeing the movie myself..phuff.. (the ticket is RM11..not worth it). It's hard to comment because that movie is not suitable to called a movie anyway..it's adaptation of comic that launch 60 years ago! (no wonder it's just very lame movie.. I rate this movie one star (it's all because of the pretty heroin- Eva Mendes only) . I felt cheated since I thought this movie must be well directed but IT IS NOT AS I EXPECTED!

SO after feeling SOOO 'depressed', I went to Borders ( yup the books store near the cinema). Wide variaty of books which you can choose make it's feel so tempting (like food).. I would highly recommend this book:

RM 25

I'm sure will buy this book. Just waiting for my pocket money. I found this book really informative and such a great help for beginners @ 'lazy -to-cook' like me..hehe. There were a lot of tips or 'petua' and also how to prepare the raw material before you start cooking.
herm...uniquely, this book also have included this topic--> "penyediaan makanan menurut pandangan Islam"...
For example did you know that you have to clean eggshell by washing it with water first (selalu beli kat kedai runcit) before you keep in fridge?

It's to make sure the eggshell (cengkerang luar) clean because the eggs comes from the VENT. (FYI, vent is a dual purpose exit for both eggs and feces). *So in Islam, feces is consider as 'dirty'(najis), if a cook @ chief uses their hand to break the eggshell without washing the dirt away, all the food that the chief touch will be contaminated by it. So, make sure to wash your hands and also the food you want to cook before you start cooking.


Yersinia enterocolitica is a food-borne pathogen that is widely distributed in nature and in animal and aquatic reservoirs. This bacterium can lead to enterocolitis, mesenteric lymhadenitis, and terminal ileitis. It has been shown that Y. enterocolitica can be found on the surface of eggshells. Wash solutions containing 100 and 200 mg/L of chlorine reduce Y. enterocolitica and natural flora on the surface of egg shells.

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*Islam itu indah kan?

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