29 Dec 2008

Book review- Resipi 30 minit Chef Kamarul

Last Sunday I went to Time Square to watch movie--> The Spirit.... (how boring it is! I want to write a review about it but after seeing the movie myself..phuff.. (the ticket is RM11..not worth it). It's hard to comment because that movie is not suitable to called a movie anyway..it's adaptation of comic that launch 60 years ago! (no wonder it's just very lame movie.. I rate this movie one star (it's all because of the pretty heroin- Eva Mendes only) . I felt cheated since I thought this movie must be well directed but IT IS NOT AS I EXPECTED!

SO after feeling SOOO 'depressed', I went to Borders ( yup the books store near the cinema). Wide variaty of books which you can choose make it's feel so tempting (like food).. I would highly recommend this book:

RM 25

I'm sure will buy this book. Just waiting for my pocket money. I found this book really informative and such a great help for beginners @ 'lazy -to-cook' like me..hehe. There were a lot of tips or 'petua' and also how to prepare the raw material before you start cooking.
herm...uniquely, this book also have included this topic--> "penyediaan makanan menurut pandangan Islam"...
For example did you know that you have to clean eggshell by washing it with water first (selalu beli kat kedai runcit) before you keep in fridge?

It's to make sure the eggshell (cengkerang luar) clean because the eggs comes from the VENT. (FYI, vent is a dual purpose exit for both eggs and feces). *So in Islam, feces is consider as 'dirty'(najis), if a cook @ chief uses their hand to break the eggshell without washing the dirt away, all the food that the chief touch will be contaminated by it. So, make sure to wash your hands and also the food you want to cook before you start cooking.


Yersinia enterocolitica is a food-borne pathogen that is widely distributed in nature and in animal and aquatic reservoirs. This bacterium can lead to enterocolitis, mesenteric lymhadenitis, and terminal ileitis. It has been shown that Y. enterocolitica can be found on the surface of eggshells. Wash solutions containing 100 and 200 mg/L of chlorine reduce Y. enterocolitica and natural flora on the surface of egg shells.

Ego Box
*Islam itu indah kan?

Salam maal hijrah 1430

Dear all muslimin dan muslimat,
Salam Maal Hijrah 1430.
Marilah kita mengambil iktibar dan teladan semperna penghijrahan
Nabi Muhammad S.A.W dari Kota Mekkah ke Madinah pada tahun 622 masihi.
Semoga dirahmati Allah segala pekerjaan yg kita lakukan.


Epal Hijau yang kesukaanku~

Epal hijau sgt bagus kerana :
1. tiada lemak
2. tiada garam- kurang risiko darah tinggi
3. tiada kolesterol- bnyk fiber, lgpun cuma 80 calorie je
4. sgt sedap! - dh tentu tanpa bhn pengawet dan pewarna

saya sangat suka mengambil gmbr2 begini.... mcm abstract kan? huhu.. Marilah kita ramai2 makan epal demi kesihatan yg gilang gemilang~~

(iklan utk mkn epal hijau ini adalah percuma)

anda boleh susun begini

atau golek kan epal begini

atau buat arca mcm nih

atau susun dlm bentuk rawak

yg pastinya,
saya adalah penggemar epal yg setia~~

26 Dec 2008

Happy holiday to all~~

It's near end of the year 2008..
Wish you a very happy holiday and may next upcoming year 2009 will brings prosperous and success!

Things which I usually do on holiday:

1.Shoppings (window shoppings-just tgk2 barang2 yg sale shj terutama bile dh sengkek)

It's not surprising when I am a 'Discount Shopper' type... bak pepatah melayu "besar periuk, banyaklah keraknya" or "ukur baju di badan sendiri". So as for me who still 'non-working' and 'Papa + Mama biasiswa' I think I better to save some money... (so sad)

You Are a Discount Shopper

You love to get things as cheaply as possible. You live for sales.

It's partially because you like to save money, but it's also because you like the thrill of finding a fabulous deal.

Of all the types, you tend to shop frequently but rarely by. You keep an eye on prices.

Brand names are not that important to you. You know how to have style without collecting designer tags.

and tak lupa jugak saya akan:

2. berehat di rumah sambil minum sirap ais yg sedap buatan tangan saya~

----------------TQ- the end------------

Creatives ways to proposed...

I found this in this internet while 'googling' (google)
for my laptop wallpaper.

So there are many creative ways these day to proposed.
You just online and order.

naper? tak percaya?

1. You can personalised msg "will you marry me" on a roses (click here -> rosesbydesign) quite interesting, moreover it's free shipping! and you can also print you pic on the roses!


2. Romantic dinner using this candle? huhu :p


3. This white chocolate ala2 cinderella shoe desert called ('will-you-marry-me-dessert'). BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND if you want to put the ring inside the dessert (mcm cerita Full House -korea)...tercekik karang parah~

4. 'Will you marry me?' sign set- you can order BUT it's only if you at Iowa. You can order via online through gift-for-valentines website (quite impressive since they have this idea huh?)


There are also creative ways to divorce such as this cartoon:


ketawa ayu gitu~

Happy holiday & Selamat menyambut Awal muharam~~

Money Can't Buy Happiness~

Well I came across US magazine, Star. Well, they did highlight about Tom and Katie's child, SURI~ so cute this child huh? Unfortunately her life is not as fortunate as other children.

Here are the pieces from the article:

Under the headline 'Inside Suri's Lonely Life', it's claimed that little Suri "only interacts with her parents" and "is rarely around children her own age" because "Tom's very picky about other people's kids."

Suri uses baby talk to tell her "friends" the things she dreams about: A little sister and a pet.

Apparently Suri went to the Build-A-Bear store with her dad, after hours, and the magazine offers extensive analysis of the stuffed animals she picked out: Bunny Big Ears, a stuffed beagle, a monkey, and a bear. A source says,

"Katie is willing to get Suri a dog or cat, but Tom isn't. He doesn't want pet hair on their nice furniture, or a dog or a cat jumping up on Suri's nice designer dresses."

Yeah right, Tom might have a lot of money but do money can make his daughter happy?

So, money can't buy happiness dude!

25 Dec 2008

senjata wanita

Wanita dikatakan lemah secara fizikalnya tetapi mungkin kita tak perasan wanita ini bijak mencari senjata utk perlindungan dari lelaki durjana.

Contoh seperti di bawah:

Kasut tumit tinggi- yea amat sesuai digayakan ke pejabat dan semakin tinggi kasut itu, semakin tinggi benjol yg akan dibentuk jika anda menggunakannya.

kes di atas bkn sahaja utk attack lelaki tp utk attack pompuan yg ganas.

contoh nya pernah berlaku pada artis nih:

p/s: Jgn plak pergi pukul ibu yg mengandung lg...alamat see you in court yer..

Nickname for your boyfriend?

OK girls...Have you ever give a nick name to you boyfriend?? As for me, I just call him by name. I don't ever think of giving him a nicknames.. :p ( what a lame girlfriend I am huh? :p).

I just copy from a website which said:
"men don't like their beloved to call them by their names or to call them by the names their mother calls them with or by the name their male friends call them with. "
p/s: Excluded this nick names pls
- Daddy, Puppy, Papa, PUPPY? pls...hehehe.....

well, what I mean here was the creatives ones and the most popular cute nicknames guys love to be called with (kopipes dari sumber dari whatdomenreallythink.com):

1.) Handsome: This is one word which would light any guy's day and will assure him that you find him handsome and attractive. This assurance is very important in any relationship.

2.) Cowboy: A very popular nickname given that cowboys are considered to be manly and sexy

3.) Movie Star: Goes without saying that every one wants to be a movie star. Give him the feel of it by using this nickname

4.) Honey Bear or Big guy: Would suit perfectly if your boyfriend is tall and well built

5.) Cuddly Bear or Honey Bear: This is a cute nickname which fits perfectly if your boy is a cool dude who loves having fun

6.) Hot Chocolate or H.C: A perfect cute nick name for any tall, dark and handsome man. Irrespective of these traits, any man would love to hear the word hot chocolate coming out of their girlfriend's mouth

7.) Baby or Sweetheart or Darling or Honey or Sweetie pie: These nicknames are gender free and both men and women love to hear these words coming from their lover

8.) Tiger: Any guy would love to hear his girl calling him tiger. The word tiger is synonymous with power which men love to have. If you can make a male feel important, the man is yours for the taking.

9.) Stud: Not used very often, but any man would love to get this nickname from his girl. After all what could be more flattering than the fact that you consider him a stud?

10.) Sugar Daddy or Daddy: Adorable nickname for your boyfriend. But there are some men who might not like to hear this nickname, so watch out.

I THINK THIS LIST IS NOT MY TASTE (... my personal opinion was, it's ok giving your sweet heart a nick name but not too deary as you giving a nick name to your pet pleasee...).

It's like giving a name to a cat. i.e like this one (cutie):

Please gives nice nicknames because some nicknames offending and irritating.

Do you call your boyfriend with any other cute nickname which is not listed here? Then comment here for all to see.

what do you think?? lol T_T

Mawi- ekin

Saya bukan lah pengikut atau peminat fanatik Mawi - ekin tp tak lewat rasanya jika saya ingin ucapkan selamat pengantin baru buat mereka.

and one thing yg perlu kita ingat : walau apa pun rintangan dan cerca dan hinaan orang lain, jika itulah qada dan qadar tuhan, maka itulah takdir yang sebaik-baiknya.

gmbr diambil dari : http://www.budiey.com

24 Dec 2008

Which superhero are YOU test?

Your results:
You are Superman

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

16 Dec 2008

When it is Raining....

When it's raining like cats and dogs,

Some people were sad...

While some were happy..

But either it's rain or shine,
happy or sad,

Life must go on as it is....
kan? kan? :p

14 Dec 2008

Wedding Fever~

Congratulations to newly wed Jasmin and her husband Razis!!!

Yeaaa! one of our friends had married! Well she's the first among our 8th college gang while in Uni Malaya (six of us- me, farah, intan, zela, wati,jasmin) who married at last! that leave us only FIVE which available and single bebeh!

that reminds me the song

" one little two little three little girls~ four little five little six little girls~ One got married, FIVE little girls now~"

Well the wedding is at Kg. Air Leleh, Melaka. It took 2 hours bus from Shah Alam to get there..whuff..what a great day!

Feast your eyes with the photo!

Min wore Menora dress (ala-ala mek kelate-Thai) in the morning..she look gorgeous isn't she?

After that, she change to this beautiful dress.... a bronze colour gives extraordinary radiant to the bride!

The third time is the western dress..well she reminds me to the Latin telenovela... red roses ala2 rosalinda amour~

Ok now we move on on overall of the 'bersanding' ceremony...
Three of us (from left- intan, wati and me) waiting for the groom to come!

Here groom comes! Auww~~

Bride and Bridesmaid walking to house

Groom with groomsmen before entering the Bride's house, they need to pay tol first! :)

...and before he can meet with his bride, he needs to pay tol to bridesmaid too! hehe..

Candid shots where the groom and brides looking dearly to each other! hoho!


The cake was yummy tho~

FIVE of us with the bride and the groom~~

Horey!!!! After 2 years graduated from Uni Malaya, at last we met again in this happy day... Thanks to Jasmin's family for the kenduri food.. We really do enjoy it. I hope we can meet again!

Upcoming evets:

Zela and her fiancee will be marry Mac next year!!

13 Dec 2008

Today I Am Cravings for SWEETS stuff~

Today is Saturday!! I suddenly felt a ridiculously big rush of adrenalin for sweet food.... Should I eat this>?

instead of this>?

p/s: Don't blame me if somebody got screwed up today for not getting me this sweet stuff!! I mean it (devil eyes light with fires~~hohoho!!!)

Prosperity McD Burger is Back!~~

Hey guys and girls! Prosperity burger is back this year! You can either choose double or single burger (double= extra calories!). Yeah I know that Mc D is not a healthy diet life style but what the heck~ 'sekali-sekala' would not do any harm right? heee :p
I had lunch at McD~ Large set of prosperity beef burger with my lab mates! yum2... These sets including prosperity burger, curly fries and a carbonate drinks. I was shocked since the prosperity burger 'naik harga' but only give me a carbonate drink~ I prefer orange fizzy drink like previous year!!! Why McD so kedekut meh!
BTW, we've enjoyed our lunch very much! Eating prosperity beef burger with black pepper sauce makes me feel so blessed and full. Alhamdulillah, syukran!

Prosperity burger set

Curly fries

11 Dec 2008

Horrayyy for "Twilight " ~ Love, Desire and Fear 2008

wahh so long I've not updated my movie review....too much load of work..well, last 2 weeks, I went to watch movie at Sunway Pyramid with friends. Before that, we have difficult time to choose between two movies which is "Twilight" and "Guard Post". Of course we can't watch two movies at same time.... BTW, I prefer movie that don't involve too much of blood as Guard Post. However, seeing the movie trailer about Guard Post (in youtube), it make me stune for awhile...the zombie and blood scattered almost everywhere and the 'Ewww..' part is when everybody get insane to kill each other.. It was damn totally scared real ones! but at last, based on good review that I've 'google' on the internet, we decided to choose "twilight" as it is more relax than 'Guard Post'. Maybe next time "guard post" will be our target tho..

"Twilight" is a "romantic-unimaginable & breathtaking" movie where it was based on a book by Stephenie Meyer. This movies is about a girl named "Bella" a girl falls for Edward Cullen who happens to be a Vampire. At first, I thought this is just another common, typicall love stories but watching the movie, it's not like what I am thinking about. This movies have a strong plot story and can touch deep into audiences heart. Although it's just simple based love story - a girl fall in love with vampire BUT overall of the story explore the imagination world. Bravo to Catherine Hardwicke for directing this movie so real and interesting.

Bella who transfered to Fork ( a small town in Washington) to stay with her father after her mother remarries. As a 17 teenager, she's just an ordinary college girl who befriended with many friends. Here, she met with Edward who always walked with his mysterious siblings group, Cullen family. Well the camera always focusing on Edward's (Robert Pattinson) eye. wow! just amazing how his eye can change colour (at least in that movie). And although Edward Cullen look pale but he surely look good as a vampire!

Bella become more closer to Edward especially since Edward is sitting beside her in Biology class. Edward Cullen have powerful strength and also can read mind (except Bella)- I wonder why but maybe Bella mind was too complicated (women always do..hehe). His extraordinary power was spotted by Bella when he saving her lives from being hit by a reckless college student who happens to be Bella friend. Edward just stop the vehicles with his bare one hands. From there, Bella keep on investigate for the truth about Edward since he just too secretive and suspicious.

When Bella found out Edward is Vampire, it was so romantic how Edward told her the truth:

Bella, "you know what you are, your Impossibly Fast and Strong, Your Skin Is White Pale and Ice Cold, Your Eyes Change Color and Sometimes You Speak like Your from a Different Time, You Never Even Drink Anything, and You Never Go Out in Sun Light is the best"
Edward, "Say it outloud"
Bella, "Vampire!"
Edward "Are you afraid?"
Bella, "No!"
and then there they go where Edward carries Bella on his back and climbing from tree to tree by hands! (auuww so romantic lar this scene)

Edward and his family is different from other vampire since their only drink blood from animal as replacement of human blood (vege-tarian vampire? or anima-tarian?). However, vampire is always a vampire as later, Edward was craving for Bella blood. His strength and love stopping him from killing Bella for her blood.

Edward, "Your scent is like a drug to me"
Edward, " Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin"

As he is in dilemma from protecting Bella from himself, Bella as the other way round keep on holding still as she is more afraid of loosing Edward than worrying about herself.

but at last, Edward surrender as he can't leave Bella:
Edward, " I'm tired of staying away from you, Bella. I don't have the strength to stay away from you, and there was no more reason for anything"

At last, two of them were totally in love and decided to declare their special relationship. Everybody shock especially Edward Cullen siblings.
So as the feelings grows stronger, Edward brings Bella to met with his family. Well, this movies shows that everyone from Cullen family are vampire. Although awkward at the very first place, Bella however easily love and accepted by Cullen family. (I think just because she's cute that's why she's easily get friends in her new college and also can easily mingles with Cullen family~ hoho!)

Cullen Family- Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie

Bella's life is in danger when a group of human blood eating vampire, 'James, Victoria and Laurent' came to Fork. Well, at last, Edward Cullen and his family fight and manage to kill James, however, Victoria escape and Bella was safe. At the end, Bella told Edward that she want to stay forever with him by becoming a vampire too (external love she said) but Edward refuses to let it be... for the ending, you must watch it..I think there would be a sequel after this as Victoria want to take revenge for killing his mate, James.

Well..i think this movie is a very touching and romantic movie....and after watching it, I began to fall in love with Edward as he is very protective to Bella. Wow!! you should watch this movie! I think it is more interesting than Bond 2008...
Tak percaya? tengok la sendirik...

I gave 5 stars: