19 Nov 2008

Quantum of Solace 2008 Review

Daniel Craig is back again as James Bond in Quantum of Solace

Well, James Bond is back in cinema this year! "Quantum of Solace" is one of film full of high quality of stunt and of course not to forget the sensual part of Bond.
The story line is complicated yet interesting along the movie (if you are so called "highly-adventerous-boyish-with style" type). This time Bond mission become more to personal. It's all about anger and revenge from previous sequel where he hunt down the illegal unknown group that cause Vesper Lynd (his girlfriend) to betray him until her death at the end of Casino Royale.

Bond with his new Bond girl

This movie brings audiences to Austria, Italy and South America. Here he meets up with Camille (Olga Kurylenko), a beautiful Bond Girl with her own plans for revenge to General Medrano for killing her family. Talking about this new Bond girl, she's a hot Russian actress who had charming in her own way.

What I can say about the scenery and fireworks was....awesome! Despite the anger and revenges, Bond still have time to flirt with other women with his own style (well you know Bond is a casanova typo).

Green and General Medrano (bad people in this movie)

During his mission, he discovers one conspiring between Green and General Medrano (so called "desperately want to be a president" leads to a deal of exchange piece of land which is, however, a main source of the South American water supply.
So you should see overall this movie. At the end of this movie as usual where Bond always wins and bla bla... I think this movie is enjoyable and interesting where a lot of fireworks part and the rest of the story is just the same as previous Bond movies. However, it is worth to watch!!

My ratings:
3 Stars

17 Nov 2008

Cotton Candy World

I wish life would be so simple and sweet like in cotton candy world. Everything tasted sweet and yummy. Oh, not to forget the houses were made from delicious and high grade chocolate! and..and....lollipop grows everywhere like grass.....uhuh.......a dreamer like me would dreams things beyond the normal mind would ever dream of.